Dear Friends, We hope our reaching out can find you well, safe and healthy. Sending you all the best regards and warmth from Brazil.

Due to the Corona virus that is affecting us all, we were taking some time waiting to write to you since so many uncertainties were happening and we didn’t know exactly how to proceed. But now, it’s more clear the need of canceling and rescheduling all our physical workshops for this term. As of now, we are in quarantine in Fortaleza, Brazil, safe but unfortunately unable to return to Europe as soon as we had planned and wished for.

We’re holding this space within the unknown to see when it’s safe to travel again. We are feeling vulnerable and riding the waves of uncertainty which is a real challenge. We also are tremendously touched by the love and connection which we see happening all over the world. Watching these two polarities within us between fear and love, the need of letting go of the old and awaiting for the new which hasn’t arrived yet, is with no doubt the most transformational intense journey of them all to date. We are touched and humbled by the longing to hold hands with all of you in this moment.

Since we are not able to continue our physical sessions and courses in Stockholm and Europe, we are making ourselves available and connected in other ways.

New online platform.

We feel the importance to continue the work in this auspicious moment and bring our community online to support people around the world. The awareness within the alchemy of relating is more important than ever.

Therefore we would like to let you know that we are online and offering different ways of keeping the connection worldwide during this period of time.

– Every Monday, online workshops with different themes to explore and support the Alchemy of Relating & Intimacy. Everyone is welcome!
– Bi weekly couples online workshops. Opening to intimacy on Thursdays.
– Individual & couples sessions.

We want your input

For Monday’s workshops we created an affordable platform so many people around the world can participate. We want it to be alive, intimate and real, and the themes explored to be according to what you are facing and what is coming up for you right now.

If you could spend 5 min to answer these questions, we will gather all the feedback and create themes which reflect the moment of many.

Fill in the form here.

Also we want to let you know that we are dedicating a page on our website for free resources and tools to reach and support as many as possible.

We wish to see you soon online!

Feel free to reach out and connect with us!

With our deepest respect,
Love Talib & Shubhaa