Relational & Emotional Intelligence

With Talib & Shubhaa

– Why we do what we do –

We recognize the world is facing a global mental health crisis. Our mission is to prioritize mental sustainability, believing it to be crucial for global well-being. Without mental health, we cannot effectively care for our environment, culture, or governance structures. When individuals struggle with their mental health, they are less likely to care about sustainability, others, or even themselves. We view mental, emotional and relational sustainability as essential work for the future of our children and humanity as a whole.

How are you seen?

No matter your role—be it father, mother, husband, wife, CEO, entrepreneur, teacher, or mentor—someone is always observing your behavior as a model of authentic, conscious living.

Our Approach

We specialize in training individuals and teams to understand themselves and cultivate authenticity through heightened awareness. This self-knowledge is then applied to their professional and personal lives, fostering inner sustainability. Our methodology is built on three pillars: providing practical tools, facilitating explorations for embodiment, and ensuring integration into everyday life. We encourage reflection on all relationships, both private and professional, recognizing that we are governed by the same nervous system whether at work or home. This holistic exploration and development lead to the sustainability we strive for.

The results

Optimal relational and emotional intelligence, along with sustainability, is achieved when we cultivate supportive, trusting, and reliable relationships both externally and within ourselves. This resilience empowers us to navigate change and face challenging situations. The quality of our relationships directly impacts our overall well-being, making this investment invaluable.



We’re working on a new project right now…building opportunities for executives facing the challenges of emotional sustainability in teams and personal lives. If you’re a leader and wanting to have more tools to bring sustainability into your life and teams…come talk to us.


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