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9-week online education


Alchemy of Relating & Intimacy Education with Talib & Shubhaa

A cultivation and collaboration of our lifeā€™s work and passion.Ā Contact us for more information on the next course starting on OCTOBER 1st 2023.


“I cannot recommend this course enough, words cannot do it justice. I have learnt so much and am now able to show up fully in my relationships with my loved ones and more importantly, I am now able to show up for myself. This course will change your life but only for the better. Give yourself this gift of love.”

“Talib and Shubhaa have an incredible mix of head and heart and qualities. Their qualities are balanced beautifully as a couple and facilitators in their delivery. They are extremely skillful in the way they guided us all on our journey towards more healthy and loving relating and I have learnt an enormous amount from them.”

“Talib & Shubhaa create a space of safety because they respect the pace of the participants. That is such a healing component: respecting one’s pace. It was wonderful observing them and seeing how they work with people. They love what they do. They love working with people. Thank you.”


ā€“ Why we do what we doĀ ā€“

We believe the intelligence and natural curiosity to learn and explore ourselves is the edge needed to transform and make a difference in our lives. Our efforts to know and share who we authentically are beyond our social masks of the status quo and conditioned personalities liberates our aliveness, spontaneity and personal well-being and benefits our children, partners, close friends and everyone we meet.

We believe we can change this world by transforming ourselvesā€¦that our very presence can become the example and inspiration for others to make a shiftā€¦. We believe our personal and professional relationships are the vehicle for this integration into daily life. We are passionate about this and wish to awaken your passion on this adventure of becoming the difference!

– How we work –

Through workshops, sessions, lectures and transformational seminars, we study and explore what we consider to be the foundation of our driving forces as human beings: Belonging, Survival & Sexuality. Through self knowledge, awareness and authentic revelation, we unlock the wisdom within the physical body, heart and mind, accessing our inbuilt biological intelligence for well-being, love and connection. The discovery of our personal potential is a life time journey which starts right here and now.


We are in the final weeks of preparing to take sail into ARIE with a wonderful group of couples. We still have a some spaces available, if it is the right moment to invest and dedicate into your intimacy as a couple. You’re most welcome to get in contact with us for a free call to know more.


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