Mission & Values

For more than two decades we have been dedicating our lives to know and explore ourselves, traveling the planet, gathering and developing methods and resources to support and inspire individuals, couples and members of our communities to shift their consciousness and understanding towards the importance of relationships.

We are thrilled today to offer science-backed teachings to discover how our well-being directly affects the well-being of others and vice versa. We are connected and affected by each other. Knowing how we relate with important people in our lives intimately or professionally, directly affects the larger community we live in, which in turn, affects the larger whole of humanity, our environment and planet.

This understanding gives us the power to be able to make a change, to transform ourselves through our relationships, which transforms our world.

This is an adventure, a journey into yourself, to discover and reveal your fullest potential.


We are dedicated to transforming the well-being of humanity through conscious relationships, working with individuals and institutions to integrate the latest science, psychology and spirituality into our families, communities and relationships with our environment.


We offer a platform of exploration for the realization of our human potential through conscious relating by providing education, experience and integration of the latest research for personal development. We work towards creating a more humane and open society, to seek answers to essential questions unlikely to be explored by traditional universities, religions and physiotherapy institutions. We support cutting edge initiatives and offer personal, spiritual and social transformation programs for workshop participants.

We Practice

Personal Growth

We share the right to realize our potential to love, to learn, to feel deeply and to create, living fully in all aspects of our being. We take the courage to risk revealing and discovering ourselves. We provide learning opportunities and support personal and social transformation.


We value relationships and community as the foundations for the well-being of all. We understand service as the realization of mature love when we can dedicate our gifts and talents to the support the growth of others.


The truth is always our best friend. It has the power to heal, free and align ourselves with our center of being.


We recognize authentic friendliness and kindness as the embodiment of the love and emotional intelligence we are seeking and striving for.


We are dedicated to intimately practice congruency among our thoughts, feelings, words and actions to cultivate authentic self-expression.


We know and take full responsibility for our actions, reactions and expressions of our shadow and light. We acknowledge our part in each situation and recognize that our actions affect others.


We are committed to love. To feed and nourish it with respect and honor, as it holds and guides us to shine in our best light.


We are willing to return to the intelligence of being in our body and sensations seeking to be here now and fully experience what is happening in each and every moment.


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