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On some level, we are all longing for connection and trust, our work really boils down to a simple understanding that we are sensitive as humans and our vulnerability is the very intelligence which connects us all. So we support people to feel their feelings as a doorway to access their potential, to follow the body’s natural impulse which knows how to heal and is designed and wired for harmony and connection.

We are walking this path of life together with everyone we meet. This is the beauty of this work. It is a co-creation. We are all fellow travelers here, so the work is shared and practiced with deep respect.

The lessons in our work are sometimes challenging but always worth it.

Shubhaa Kassima Fisher

Skype/Zoom sessions: 
Individual 60 Min @ €185 BOOK

Individual 90 Min @ €250 BOOK

Couples 90 min @ € 295 BOOK

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Talib Tyler Fisher

Skype/Zoom sessions: 
Individual 60 min @ €185 BOOK

Individual 90 min @ €250 BOOK

Couple 90 min @ €295 BOOK

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Couples Skype/Zoom Sessions Together with Talib & Shubhaa: 

Couples 1 ½ hour @ € 395.00 BOOK

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