Trauma to Tantra

A journey into sacred intimacy

A relaxed confident presence makes all the difference in how we relate and love.  As a meeting of science and spirituality, this work is dedicated to the most sacred spaces shared within intimacy.

Our Modules,

Awakening spontaneity & sensuality

Experiencing a meaningful, accepting and loving connection with our sexuality is one of the essential keys for personal and spiritual growth. As we grow in emotional maturity, we begin to long for a deeper state of presence within ourselves, with our partners and relationships.

This quality of presence can develop by purifying and healing the wounds of conditionings, rejection, shame, traumas and misconceptions that block our sensual, confident and passionate energies.

When we move closer into intimacy, it is natural that our delicacies and emotional wounds come up; what hasn‚Äôt been integrated yet in our system comes to the surface to heal. The wounds of humiliation, inadequacy (that something is wrong with me, or I should be different then I am‚Ķ) or layers of shock that create sexual and emotional dysfunction in men and women, come to the surface. Many times, we create difficulties and challenges within intimate relationships, such as insecurities in setting healthy boundaries, loosing ourselves in dissociation, indifference, pleasing, or neediness, without understanding what is really going on. The good news is we are all inherently hardwired to heal ‚Äď we have an innate ability to overcome the effects of trauma and unleash the core aliveness we all possess.

When the vital energy flows towards the heart, a bridge of awareness is created that can open qualities such as safety, tenderness and nourishment.

Accessing our sexual intelligence is a path of love, a returning to our very nature.

During these days, we will explore the healing capacity of our bodies’ nervous system to build intimacy in our lives, learning how we can create a foundation for awareness and understanding to blossom within our sexuality.

This process is a bridge between therapy and meditation and supports a healing of the heart and the sensuousness that filters through the body ‚Äď moving from a state of separation to union with our feelings, emotions and physical presence.

Together we create a safe and loving environment to experiment with new understandings and tools, individually and within the group, opening up our natural joy, aliveness and spontaneity.

Polarity – The Power of Attraction

In this process we explore an understanding that we have 4 core principals into our relationships and sexuality. The positive masculine & feminine principals and the negative (wounded) masculine & feminine principals. These 4 principals create an energetic ladder in our relations…when the two positive principals meet we rise together in union, harmony and trust. When the two wounded principals meet, we spiral downwards into separation, power games and mistrust.
Understanding and bringing awareness to these 4 principals is one of the fundamental keys to move from a isolated, contracted state of trauma to an expanded state of consciousness of tantra. Healing the wounds of humiliation, shock and rejection, which are the roots of our negative masculine & feminine principals, is essential on any path of growth. This healing work naturally re-enforces our positive principals of self value and returns us to our natural connection between the heart and our sexuality.
Awakening Spontaneity & Sensuality has a direct effect on the quality of intimacy we can experience in this life…. An opportunity to enhance our capacity to shine as a unique human being, who can generously give and receive love.

For who?

These retreats are for people who long to explore themselves through a profound personal process, taking the time and space to explore the collective split between sexuality and the heart. We welcome everyone who wishes to make a movement from a state of separation to union with their feelings, emotions and physical presence and people who wish to reconnect to their spontaneity and sensuousness that filters through their bodies in intimacy.

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