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Alchemy of Relating & Intimacy Education with Talib & Shubhaa

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We are deeply touched by what is possible through this work and feel more than ever that A.R.I.E. is THE EDUCATION for the new man and woman. A vision and understanding of relating which includes both freedom & intimacy as key components for a major shift possible in the way we relate. This educational process gives researched based practical tools, guidance and inspiration needed to embark on an adventure of personal discovery through your relationships.

We are excited to present to you the next A.R.I.E. – Alchemy of Relating & Intimacy Education – a cultivation and collaboration of our life’s work and passion.

Next course starts on the 20th of November 2022

(NOTE: These dates are for couples only)

If you are interested, book a free call or send us a mail to learn more.

A taste of the content

Some background

A.R.I.E. was created by Talib & Shubhaa to share all their secrets for creating intimacy. They are applying essential tools for relating, which have been developed over many years through working with people and exploring themselves on their own personal journeys. This process was born during the pandemic in response to the global challenge we face to sustain resiliency and a sense of wellbeing. As the latest scientific research shows are ability as humans to handle stress is directly related to the quality of our relational fields with important people in our lives.

A.R.I.E. is dedicated to the times we are living, to the love of the truth and potential we all carry within us to fully live, love and flourish in challenging times.

If you are interested, book a free call or send us a email to learn more.


What to expect?

There will be weekly themes, meditations, teachings, working live with Talib & Shubhaa which is beneficial for everyone present, live private sharing’s with other participants and exciting explorations within the group to integrate A.R.I.E. into real life.

The fact that we can be together for nine weeks, you can do the work from your home environment and have time to implement the work into your daily life, we see this as an opportunity to make an online education go as deep as our live courses, or even deeper.

If you are interested, book a free call or send us a email to learn more.

The Content

Inspiration, motivation, knowledge and tools for inner growth both individually and within your closest relationships

Understanding what keeps us away and sabotages our experience of intimacy, pleasure and real contact

Tools for transforming shame, rejection, depression, anxiety and self doubt into vitality, relaxation and self confidence

Tools and understandings to create a foundation of sustainable intimacy

Awakening creativity, spontaneity and pleasure

Discovering the healing quality of self-awareness through guided meditations

Understanding how the nervous system works and how to utilize it for self regulation and integration


“Before doing the course, it is important to mention that I felt resistant to it being online – for me relating is normally richer in person. I was very surprised however to realize that it made no difference after getting to know the group – I also found that there benefits to this and am now considering many of my own training online. Relating can be unsafe for me but because I was in a safe capsule – in the privacy of my own home – it gave me the wings to transcend some of my relationship barriers and explore this important area more deeply.”
“Talib and Shubhaa have an incredible mix of head and heart and qualities. Their qualities are balanced beautifully as a couple and facilitators in their delivery. They are extremely skillful in the way they guided us all on our journey towards more healthy and loving relating and I have learnt an enormous amount from them. Most importantly as teachers, they walk the walk – there is no spiritual bypassing and they are grounded in an earthly way in what it is to be human, and in this earthliness, there is the ability to relate to them at a very deep level – which is important given it is the heartbeat of the course.”
“I will be forever grateful to Talib and Shubhaa for all that they have given me and my husband and my hope is to continue working with them as a friend, colleague, and student. Since doing the course I feel I have much more understanding about the relational field and my own persona blocks. It’s an ongoing process for me to heal relational wounds but I now have the practical tools and a more open heart to tackle these blocks skillfully for the first time in my life. No other course or couples counseling has come close to helping  me in the way that Talib and Shubhaa have. I also have the support of the most wonderful resources which I can review over and over in my own time.”

What is included

Prerecorded teaching videos on the theme of the week

Inquiry and journaling explorations during each week

Sharing with a “buddy” each week

Prerecorded guided meditations each week

Personal ongoing exploration in daily life with the support of the group

Private group platform to share more personally and receive support with other members of the group

Online platform material available for 1 year after the course ends

1 (2 1/2 hour) zoom meeting live each week with Talib and Shubhaa

Whats next?

We can’t wait too open this opportunity for you to join us!

We require a short call with you to check in with your moment of life and personal experience with exploring yourself as a support in creating the best alchemy possible for the group dynamic. This is a deep dive and we do want to make sure you are ready and are on board for this transformational exploration and journey.

If you are already interested, you can already book your personal call to learn more.

Some more taste of the content


“I wanted to express my deep and sincere gratitude for being guided to meet you both and that I feel so blessed to have your presence in my life. Between the path of love and this course, I have learned so much and am so inspired by both of you, individually and together as a couple.
It was not a coincidence that I chose to do the program with you guys in Brazil of all places and this course came for me at the most perfect and relevant time – after having had some months of integration and feeling what living life is like with an open heart and reconnecting to love.”
“The work that the two of you do together is so so important and deeply inspiring – seeing you both, hearing you both, and learning from you both has not only opened my eyes to the reality of the hard yet unbelievably worth-it work behind a loving and intimate relationship but also gives me hope for my relational future and balances my expectations.
I did not grow up with a healthy relationship modeled before me, and I’ve found myself stuck and alone between refusing to settle for my parents’ previously extremely turbulent relationship and having too high expectations and false beliefs of finding a relationship without any of the things that are so triggering to me.”
“So thank you both for coming into my life, thank you for modeling a realistic and healthy relationship for me, thank you both for being so raw and real in your stories and in your truths, thank you for equipping me with the tools and knowledge of both the light and the shadow of being in an intimate relationship.
And thank you for inspiring in me hope and helping me to find my courage, as the love the two of you have for each other radiates around you both. And for all of this and more, I feel the greatest and deepest sense of gratitude towards you guys.”


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