How are you handling your anxiety? What are doing with your anger which emerges from it? Are you collapsing into depression, letting go of taking care of yourself, or acting out with bad habits? Do you lash out at your partner, kids or family members? If so, your not alone in your feelings and reactions.

We are living in a moment where we are dealing with multiple levels of anxiousness. Personal as well as collective. From threats to our health, to our economy, to what the future will bring, the unknown naturally activates our system as we are connected together with a network of systems within us and around us. When anxiousness runs our system it’s too easy to fall into bad habits as an unconscious attempt to sooth ourselves. It can play out with food, eating too much, not enough or when the anxiety chooses the food it’s normally junk. Maybe it plays out with substances like alcohol, or other drugs, with internet, porn, video games etc.

And for sure it plays out in our relationship dynamics as when we are anxious we are not available for moments of deeper connection. As anxiety is directly connected to the threat response of our brain it many times can even perceive the people close to us as unsafe or unreliable as a resource for comfort and reassurance making our relationships all of a sudden complicated and difficult to communicate and navigate in. Therefore it can be difficult to make love, to choose time together to share in a meaningful way, to repair when we make a mistake from our reactivity. This can trigger deeper emotional wounds in the relational field like neglect, avoidance, neediness, shame, hopelessness, making the anxiety we experience more intense.

The beauty is we also can calm this anxiety by utilizing a inner capacity of focusing in the brain to strengthen our inner sustainability to be more present and less influenced by the anxious collective currents passing through us all. When we are more calm we can make better choices which create more safety, connection and self respect to handle bad habits and other challenges we are facing.

So we created this Focusing Meditation as a tool for you to calm your anxiety. This Meditation is designed to access one of the most beautiful and important qualities we have within our nerves system, the ability to calm ourselves and others around us. This is where all the magic of life and sacredness can reveal itself, as anxiety has a lot of vital energy within it and when we calm it, it releases and we can use that energy to connect on a much deeper level within and with others.

Your most welcome to experiment by listening and practicing this meditation and make your own experience.

We would love to receive your feedback and personal experiences to inspire others to use this tool also.

Looking forward to hear from you soon!