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What does commitment in a relationship mean to you? What is the difference between commitment and compromising in your intimate relations? These are questions we have asked ourselves many, many times in our lives and in our relationships together. It is an ongoing inquiry for us and something we find important and significant on our […]


What is happening today in your personal relationships? Do you perceive that you can be yourself, stay relaxed and open in the safe, non-judgmental environment of your relationships? Do you feel supported to shine as your best and in your fullest potential? Or are you feeling stressed about unresolved issues swept under the carpet and […]


Questioner: Could you tell me about your work Conscious Relating and how you see this as a pathway to work with oneself? Talib: We are presenting a line of work which involves a progression of foundational stepping blocks for couples and individuals who want to evolve themselves through their relationships. Our personal understanding is that […]

Falling in Love with Projection of Inner Man & Inner Woman

First: Tantra says that no man is just man and no woman is just woman, each man is both man and woman, and so is each woman – woman and man. Adam has Eve in him, and Eve has Adam in her. In fact, nobody is just Adam and nobody is just Eve: we are […]